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A Giclée (jee-clay) is a high-quality printing process which uses advanced “dotless” imaging technology to produce prints that are nearly indistinguishable from the original artwork. Considered the “next best thing to owning the original,” Giclée are widely accepted by fine art galleries, museums and private collectors. To purchase a Giclée, submit your inquiry on our Contact Page.


Hopes & Dreams

Recognizing family values that are honored by all ethnic groups is very important to me. My primary motivation for all my paintings is to portray positive images.   Hope & Dreams I (father and son) and Hope & Dreams II (mother and babe), were designed to portray the “perfect” family: a caring supportive father, a nurturing adoring mother; the man’s body flows into the painting of mother and babe to indicate his presence. I want to dispel the stereotypical image of the “absent and disinterested” man who does not support his woman and children.

When viewed separately, other values are seen in the faces of the boy, the babe, the man and the woman. The naked purity of the babe needs the protection of its mother; the young boy’s innocence keeps him open minded and eager to face the world. The emotional strength of the woman is seen in her arms and in her hair. The gaze of the man reveals his caring concern.

The paintings are depicted in oil because that artistic medium represents permanence and the heirloom quality of values that should last for generations.

Both paintings are also available as limited edition (100) Giclée.



Biological and blended families produce sisters and their personalities and physical characteristics say much about their current and future relationships. In this painting, I wanted to portray two sisters who have distinctly different personalities and physical traits.  However, their pose shows their true relationship: different yet dependent.

I can venture to say that in years to come, these young ladies will grow and develop into distinctly different women who remain close and caring. For this reason, oils were the selected medium used to portray radiance, vitality, and heirloom permanence. The gift of their relationship from their parents will last beyond the present generation.

Sisters is also available as a limited edition (100) Giclée.


Always Together

In my early and later adulthood, I have heard callus, crude and all too often intentional statements about and to Black men regarding their treatment of women.  This water color painting depicts the relationships I have seen and experienced personally. As a Black man, I treasure and respect women; especially the woman I love. While this painting depicts persons of color, I truly believe that men of most ethnic groups desire to love and honor their women.

In Always Together, the woman’s classic beauty stands out and is more permanent than even ancient Greek columns. The man brings music, fine grape wine, radiant stars and a brilliant moon. From her, he only desires mutual love and respect.

Watercolors were the chosen medium for this painting because water flows limitlessly and needs direction to be effective. So too it is with our emotions and our relationships; to be effective and everlasting they require control and direction.

Always Together is also available as a limited edition (100) Giclée.


The Lesson

The ignorance of my youth has become the driving force behind my work today.  I paint with an eye on the positive; the negative can be found anywhere. Thus, I have a strong desire to portray positive values in paint. This is the impetus which motivates me to create fine art and heirloom portrait paintings. 

The Lesson portrays the positive influence of intergenerational love and patience.  But somewhere there seems to be another child who sulks feeling left in the background. This image speaks not only to American cultures but to all ethnic groups who value their youth. The painting also reminds our elders to remember to watch for the child who feels left behind.

The Lesson – 16” X 20” framed watercolor Giclée on watercolor paper; the edition is limited to 100. The Lesson will not be released again.


Trail of Tears

Moving to the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau after the tragedy of September 11th, provided me an opportunity to use my God-given artistic talent to dispel myths taught as historical facts in the 1950s and 1960s. I also became increasingly more sensitive to the forced removal of indigenous peoples as I traveled a similar but far less treacherous route through Tennessee and Oklahoma to visit family in Arizona.

As an American of African descent, I am motivated to paint the various roles played and contributions given by my ancestors.

Trail of Tears is a watercolor Giclée on professional-grade paper; the edition is limited to 100. 

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