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Heritage & Heirloom Fine Artist

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John Wesley Simms, Jr. was born in the small Indiana parsonage adjoining the church where his father was pastor.  Simms’ artistic talent was evident in primary school. However, his interest was almost extinguished by one practical-minded yet racially insensitive teacher who strongly encouraged him to “take up a trade” rather than pursue his love of art.


“The ignorance of my youth has become the driving force behind my work today. I paint with an eye on the positive. The negative can be found anywhere.”

~ John Simms


John Simms is a fine art portrait painter and storyteller, creating tomorrow's heirlooms. Using his illustration and design skills, John's paintings weave a piece of his client's history around and through the likeness captured on canvas. The result becomes a work of art to be enjoyed today; and by those yet to come.

Contact John Simms for pricing and more details concerning commissioning artwork!

146 Brokenwood Lane – Fairfield Glade, TN 38558  |  Tel: 931-250-3390

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